Book a Farm, Garden, and Homesteading Tour

90-minute tours covering all aspects of the farm, from Gardening and Growing Food to sustainability and intentional use of resources. 
The tours also include homesteading tips like Seed Saving, Bee Keeping, Canning, and Preserving.

Contact us to book a time with your group.
(Flat rateā€¦ $50 for up to 5 per party. Add $8 per person for more than 5 people).

Work Parties

Every once in a while we need a helping hand or two so we put on work parties so our neighbors, friends, and community can participate with us on the farm. We’ll let you know when our next work party is once it is scheduled. Please see our (TBH aka to be here soon) event calendar to find out our next work party. Email us to join in the farmland fun!

Stay at our Air-BnB Farm Garden Suite