An Easy-to-Grow Garden Kit

       ❧ Pick-up plants in April, May & June

          Done-for-you garden planning

            All Natural & Organic Starts

              ❧ Simple instructions

Enjoy your Garden more with a Veggie Plant Start CSA!


How the Plant Start CSA Works:

Receive 3-4 boxes of naturally grown and organic plants throughout the planting season. Each box has an informational guide explaining exactly what to do with your plants. You receive perfectly timed plants and weekly gardening advice based on our local weather. When you pick up your plants they are ready to plant.

Members pick up their starts every 3 to 4 weeks in April, May, and June. Every Garden Box member is invited to a members-only private social media group for sharing real-time tips and tricks. 

*CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a win-win all around! Members get quality starts grown just for them and delivered at the right time in order to have a great garden! They also get to know the grower, get gardening tips, and can tour the grower’s garden. And since the payment is up front the member has already invested in their healthy food future! The grower gets upfront capital at the time it is needed as also knows what customers want, rather than having to guess. And the planet wins because there is a huge reduction in waste since plants are grown for specific families rather than being tossed at the end of the season.

All plants are organically grown with natural fertilizers and GMO-free seed. It’s the perfect way to choose healthy starts for healthy gardens and families!

Each Garden Box Membership tier is a pay-in-advance, one-time price. When plants are ready for pick up, members visit the farmstand in South Corvallis to receive their box of plants. You can swap out plants to create your ideal garden.

Your CSA Box Options


The Small Garden Box

Have something in your
garden to nibble on while
learning the craft of
gardening. Reliable, easy to
grow vegetables. Take pride
in a tasty garden.


The Large Garden Box

A huge variety of plants to
create a bountiful garden full
of food and beauty. Make
fresh salsa or a yummy
meal from your very own


The Winter Storage Box

This box has everything you
need to create garden
abundance for several
seasons. Imagine your pantry
full of canned goods and
storage produce!!

The Summer Box

2024 Pricing Chart

CSA Box NameEager Beaver
Order by 2/1
Regular Price
Order by 4/1
Summer Box$38$48
Nibbles Box$59$74
Cornucopia Box$110$139
Abundance Box$159$199
*Eager beaver Pricing ends Feb 1st, 2024

Why Choose Flicker and Fir’s CSA

Why do you want our plants? Our plants are grown naturally, without nasty pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizers. We use only natural and organic methods for growing the plants.  We arrange the plant pick-ups based on local weather conditions. We source organic and non-GMO seed varieties that grow well in our local climate.  In most cases, we can accommodate starting your garden as early as April 1st or as late as May 15th.

Who is it for? The garden box CSA supports a beginner or experienced gardener in having a bountiful garden. You can take advantage of our garden planning to grow your knowledge about nature, planting, and gardening. We also love connecting you with other people and gardening resources in town.

What if I don’t want Parsley? Even though Cheryl’s dad would look at you sideways for not wanting Parsley, you can choose other plants. In each box, you have some choices to make along the way so you will have the opportunity to create your garden. On the box pick-up dates, you can swap out plants from a selection we have available. This also allows you to choose your tomato plant varieties. In addition, you may make specific requests when you sign up for a box, or, for the advanced gardener, you may submit a custom order receiving the same 20% discount.